• 19 ways to help someone with cancer

    BY MD ANDERSON Want to help a friend or loved one dealing with cancer? It can be hard to know exactly what you can or should do. That's why we aske...
  • Great ways to support someone with cancer

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  • The Shift that Cancer Creates

    Guest Author Lynda Wolter's shared with Chia's Silver Lining her experience on the "Shift that Cancer Created" in her life after the start of Chemotherapy. 

    What is the cancer shift you may wonder; simply put, it is a simple realization that life is fabulous!

  • Ideas to Support Someone Going Through Cancer or a Serious Illness

    Ideas for Compassion in Action for a loved one going through cancer or serious illness. 

    1. Helpful gifts, notes, and cards.
    2. Conversation, short walks, or playing an easy fun game.
    3. Run errands for your friend or caregiver.
    4. Always show-up as you promise. 




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    Side effects from Chemotherapy include not being able to regulate body temperature.  Many cancer patients lose their hair and feel the "firestorm" of chemicals working to eradicate the disease. A great comfort is to have a extremely soft, warm, and organic Wrap.
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