Wellness Cancer Care Package
Healing bathtub tea
Relax Bathtub tea
HydraAromatherapy Shower Burst Variety Pack
Sachet for Aromatherapy shower bombs
 Ultrasonic Compact Diffuser
Skinny & Co. Body Melt
Skinny & Co Lavender Aluminum Free Deodorant
Skinny & Co Vanilla Lip Balm
Head Peace Headache Wrap
Defense Essential Oil
Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Wellness Cancer Care Package

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Send the Wellness Care package to show you care about the strength and fortitude it takes to become well again. This care package is filled with aromatherapy bath teas and shower burst as well as our organic coconut oils based hydrating Skinny & Co. skin care products. The Head Peace Head wrap is just the right for easing a sore throat or headache. Lastly, the Ultrasonic Compact Diffuser and Defense Essential Oil is just the ticket to defend and strengthen a weakened immune system. 

This Care Package includes:

  • HydraAromatherapy Shower Burst Variety Pack
  • HydraAromatherapy Shower Burst Sachet
  • HydraAromatherapy Bathtub Tea - Relax
  • HydraAromatherapy Bathtub Tea - Healing
  • Skinny Calming Aluminum Free Deodorant 
  • Skinny Lip Balm vanilla
  • Skinny Calming Body Melt
  • rareESSENCE Ultrasonic Compact Diffuser
  • rareESSENCE Defense essential oil
  • Yogibo Head Peace - Headache Wrap
  • Pinch Me Therapy Dough - Spa